Touring The Alaska State Capitol Building In Juneau

by | Apr 17, 2023

Touring The Alaska State Capitol Building In Juneau

Welcome to the beautiful Alaska State Capitol Building located in Juneau, our state’s capital city. This building is an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of Alaskan pride. As you tour this incredible structure, I’ll share with you its history, and design features and explain why it has been so important for our state over the years.

Here at the capitol, we have many opportunities for learning about all things related to Alaska government and politics. You can explore exhibits on state leaders, view artifacts from before and after statehood, or just take some time out to appreciate the grandeur of this remarkable building.

From its prominent location overlooking downtown Juneau to its stunning architecture inside and out – touring the Alaska State Capitol Building will be an unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget! So come join me as I guide you through one of Alaska’s most iconic symbols of democracy.


The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau has a long and illustrious history. It was first constructed in 1931 when the state of Alaska was still a territory under U.S. control. The building was designed by Charles G. Tiger and Harry A. White as part of an effort to give the territorial government its own identity apart from Congress in Washington D.C.. In 1959, when Alaska became the 49th state, the Capitol Building took on even greater significance as the home of Alaskan democracy and governance. Over time, it had come to represent not only the power of self-governance but also Alaska’s unique cultural heritage and natural beauty. With this understanding, we can now look at how these aspects are expressed through the architectural design of this magnificent structure.

Architectural Design

The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau is a stunning example of architecture. From the majestic columns at the entranceway to the intricate ceiling designs, this building showcases some of the most impressive design elements found anywhere. It was designed by Charles Wohlfarth, an architect with a penchant for grandeur and elegance.

The exterior walls are made of marble and feature elaborate trim work around each window frame. The overall effect is one of refined beauty that has stood up to time and weathered quite well over the years. Inside, visitors can find plenty more architectural details such as stained-glass windows, ornate chandeliers, and sculptures depicting various Alaskan wildlife species.

Each room displays its own unique style but all share common features like large arched doorways which create an airy feeling throughout the entire capitol building. This combination of grandness and intimacy allows guests to appreciate both aspects during their visit. As you explore further, no matter what direction you take, you will be surrounded by opulent splendor that leaves lasting impressions on everyone who visits.

As we move away from discussing Architectural Design and head into our next topic about Site Location…

Site Location

Moving from the design of the building, let’s now explore its location. The Alaska State Capitol Building is situated in Juneau, on a hilltop overlooking downtown and Gastineau Channel. This site was chosen by Governor John Brady as he believed it to be an ideal spot with spectacular views – and it certainly lives up to that promise! In addition to being able to enjoy panoramic vistas of both water and mountains, visitors can also appreciate easy access to other attractions within walking distance such as cruise ships, restaurants, shops, and more.

Not only does the location provide ample opportunities for exploration but also security; due to its elevated position, there are no nearby buildings or structures that could potentially pose safety risks. Furthermore, there are multiple entry points allowing for efficient traffic flow into the state capitol building itself.

The landscape surrounding this grand edifice has been carefully maintained since its inception in 1931; we see evidence of this today in the immaculate grounds including manicured lawns and well-tended flowerbeds providing a pleasing backdrop for visitors enjoying their tour experience at the state capitol building. With these features taken into consideration combined with the prime setting of Juneau, it is clear why so many people continue to visit year after year.

Now that you have had a chance to learn about the site of this impressive structure, let us move on to discussing open hours and admission fees at the Alaska State Capitol Building.

Open Hours And Admission Fee

The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., except for state holidays observed by the executive branch of government or legislative session days. Admission is free, so anyone can come to explore this historic building at their leisure! There are also guided tours available on select dates throughout the year where visitors can learn more about the history of our great state capitol building as well as its various features and artwork.

In addition, there are self-guided visits that will allow you to explore all parts of the building including both floors of the rotunda with interactive displays featuring information about Alaska’s past and present governments. You’ll even be able to observe some members of Congress in action if they’re in session during your visit! This is truly an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with our elected officials while gaining knowledge about Alaskan politics.

No matter how you choose to experience it, a trip to the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau promises to be an unforgettable journey into Alaskan culture and history. From learning about our unique political system to simply take in breathtaking views, visitors are sure to have an enjoyable time exploring this iconic landmark! Now let’s move on to discussing guided tours and self-guided visits offered here at the capitol building…

Guided Tours And Self-Guided Visits

For those looking to explore the Alaska State Capitol Building in greater detail, there are two ways to do it: guided tours and self-guided visits. Guided tour groups of up to 15 people can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 10 am -3 pm. The tour will take about an hour and a half, covering all aspects of the building’s history and architecture as well as interesting facts about the state of Alaska. Tours must be booked at least one week in advance by calling 907-465-3701 or emailing [email protected].

Self-guided visitors are welcome any day between 8 am – 5 pm with no reservation required. Visitors may pick up a brochure featuring highlights of the capitol building’s history and architecture which includes suggested stops along the way that corresponds with placards located throughout the grounds. Two audio recordings providing more detailed information on architectural features within the Capitol Building are available for rental upon entrance for $5 each.

Whether you choose to experience this historic site via a guided tour or independently, we guarantee you’ll come away with new insights about this beautiful landmark and its significance in our state’s culture!

Facilities And Amenities Available

The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau offers a variety of facilities and amenities to visitors. The building itself is home to the Governor’s office, Senate chambers, House of Representatives gallery, Legislative Information Office, and other related offices. It also includes several public spaces such as:

  • A historical museum with important artifacts from state history
  • An interactive media center showcasing the Alaskan culture
  • An auditorium for hosting events throughout the year

In addition to these attractions, the capitol building features an indoor café and two gift shops full of souvenirs that capture the beauty of Alaska. There is also a large display room where exhibits highlighting different aspects of Alaskan life can be viewed by visitors. Furthermore, there are restrooms conveniently located throughout the facility so guests don’t have to go far should they need them during their visit.

With its many offerings, it’s easy to see why people come here to explore all that our great state has to offer! As we move on to discuss special events held at the capitol building, let us keep in mind how much this place has been able to provide for both locals and tourists alike over the years.

Special Events At The Capitol Building

The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau is a popular place for special events. From weddings to birthday parties, this building has something unique to offer. Every year, the capitol hosts an annual event called “Capitol Day.” This event includes free tours and presentations on topics such as the history, culture, and politics of the state. There are also fun activities like face painting and crafts for kids.

In addition to these special events, there are other exciting opportunities throughout the year. The legislative sessions bring interesting speakers from around the country who share their knowledge about government affairs. Lobbyists often come to present bills or proposed legislation before committees during the session months. These meetings can be quite informative and engaging!

This historic building offers plenty of ways to enjoy learning more about Alaska’s past while taking part in its future. And now that you know what happens here at the capitol building, it’s time to take a look at some nearby attractions in Juneau!

Nearby Attractions In Juneau

As you make your way out of the Alaska State Capitol Building, you may find yourself captivated by a new sense of adventure and exploration. Much like in Homer’s Odyssey, Juneau offers an array of exciting attractions that will tantalize your senses and keep you coming back for more. From whale watching to fishing excursions, there is something unique around every corner that can be discovered while visiting this vibrant city.

For those looking to explore the great outdoors, Juneau has plenty of options. Hop on board one of many guided tours through Glacier Bay National Park or take a scenic floatplane ride over Mendenhall Glacier for unmatched views of nature’s beauty. Whether it’s catching sight of humpback whales breaching offshore or kayaking along stunning glaciers, outdoor enthusiasts are sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring wildlife and wilderness right outside their doorstep.

Juneau also offers some incredible cultural and historical experiences such as museum visits and gold mining expeditions which provide insight into the state’s past. With so much to see and do here, visitors won’t want to miss out on all these amazing opportunities during their stay in Juneau. As we move onto shopping, dining, and entertainment options near the capitol building, let us continue our journey with high spirits!

Shopping, Dining, And Entertainment Options

When visiting the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, there are many shopping and dining options available. For example, around the corner from the Capitol building is a shopping center with plenty of stores to browse through. Here you can find souvenirs or gifts for those back home, as well as clothing and other items.

If you’re looking for something to eat, there’s an array of restaurants nearby. From casual pubs to upscale eateries, visitors will have no problem finding something that appeals to their taste buds. Additionally, if you’d like some entertainment after dinner, there’s a movie theater just down the street. Or if you’d prefer something more outdoorsy, take a stroll along one of Juneau’s beautiful parks or trails.

After exploring what Juneau has to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment, it’s time to move on to accommodation recommendations!

Accommodation Recommendations

When visiting the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Here are some accommodation recommendations:


  • The Silverbow Inn
  • The Prospector Hotel
  • Aspen Suites Downtown

Camping Sites:

  • Dredge Lake State Recreation Site
  • Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Site
  • Lemon Creek Campground


  • Sunny Waterfront Suite with Views of Gastineau Channel
  • Cozy Cottage on Douglas Island
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment near Downtown Juneau

Whether you choose one of these locations or something else entirely, make sure it meets your needs and budget! You can also contact the local Chamber of Commerce or tourism board for more information about other lodging options in the area. Enjoy your stay and explore all that Juneau has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Dress Code For Visitors?

Visiting a state capitol building can be an exciting experience, especially when it’s in the breathtakingly beautiful state of Alaska. When exploring such a remarkable place in Juneau, many visitors may wonder: Is there a dress code for visitors?

The short answer is no; however, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing since you will be walking through the historic building. You should also consider dressing appropriately to show respect for both the building and your fellow visitors.

A few tips to keep in mind include:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes as some areas are off-limits with open toes or high heels.
  • Respectfully cover your shoulders if possible.
  • Avoid wearing anything overly revealing or distracting (including hats).
  • Dress comfortably so that you can enjoy your tour without any distractions!

These guidelines are not meant to restrict anyone’s personal style but rather help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience touring the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau. After all, this is where our history was made–it deserves respect from every visitor who steps foot inside its walls. From traditional Alaskan regalia to modern streetwear, whatever you choose to wear will still make your visit memorable!

Is There A Café Or Snack Bar Inside The Capitol Building?

Yes, there is a café inside the capitol building! The Capitol Café serves hot and cold drinks along with snacks like candy bars, chips, and popcorn. It’s a great place to take a break during your visit or grab something quick before heading out.

The cafe has seating both inside the lobby of the state capitol building as well as on an outdoor patio that overlooks downtown, Juneau. Both areas provide guests with panoramic views of Gastineau Channel, Mt. Roberts, and Douglas Island beyond it. Additionally, visitors can purchase souvenirs from the gift shop located in the same area as the cafe.

So be sure to stop by the Capitol Cafe for some refreshments when you are exploring the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau! You’ll enjoy amazing views while you snack on delicious treats that will give you energy for all the exciting activities available nearby.

Are There Any Audio Or Visual Aids Available For Visitors?

Are there any audio or visual aids available for visitors? Absolutely! The Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau offers a variety of interactive displays and educational materials.

The first stop is the multimedia kiosks located on each floor of the building. Here, you’ll find videos and photos about the history and culture of Alaska, as well as information about current legislation and upcoming events. You can also watch mini-documentaries featuring prominent Alaskans talking about their experiences in the state’s capital city.

We also provide free headphones that allow you to listen to recorded tours of the building, narrated by knowledgeable guides who will answer any questions you have along the way. Additionally, our website has virtual reality tours so you can explore all areas of the capitol building from your own home.

No matter what kind of learning experience you’re looking for during your visit, we’ve got something here at the Alaska State Capitol Building that will meet your needs!

Are There Any Restrictions On Photography Inside The Capitol Building?

As you step into the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, questions regarding photography restrictions may come to mind. Are there any photo-taking rules that visitors must follow? Rest assured, the capitol building has guidelines in place for all guests who are interested in capturing moments of their visit on camera.

When taking pictures within the walls of this historical landmark, it is important to remember to do so without disrupting your fellow tourists or staff members. Flash photography is not allowed and photos taken with tripods require prior consent from a member of staff. Taking photos of artwork or documents found inside the capitol building should also be done with care; if you wish to take photographs for personal use only, please ask permission first before pressing the shutter button. This will ensure that both you and other visitors can enjoy these works of art without disruption.

In addition, certain areas such as offices where confidential meetings might be held are off limits for cameras and phones – so consider this when planning which parts of the tour you would like to document through photography! There are plenty of locations throughout the capitol building that offer stunning views worthy of capture – just make sure to keep an eye out for signs indicating where photography is prohibited. With these simple steps in mind, your experience at the Alaska State Capitol Building will remain enjoyable while still allowing you to preserve beautiful memories along the way!

Are There Any Restrictions On Pets Entering The Capitol Building?

When it comes to bringing pets into the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, there are some restrictions. Unfortunately, no animals other than service animals are allowed inside the building. This is for the safety of all visitors and staff alike as well as for the preservation of artifacts on display.

If you have a service animal with you when visiting, we ask that you keep them on a leash at all times while inside the building. Additionally, please be aware of your pet’s behavior and noise level since these can disturb both visitors and employees who work in the capitol building.

We understand that many people enjoy having their furry friends accompany them during outings or visits to places like this one. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but our priority is to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment while they’re here exploring our state’s history and culture. Thank you for understanding!


Welcome to the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau! As your tour guide, I’m here to answer any questions you have about visiting this beautiful and historic building.

When you come inside the Capitol Building, it’s important to remember that there is a dress code for visitors: no shorts or open-toed shoes are permitted. Additionally, be aware of our photography policy – flash photography is not allowed. Pets are also restricted from entering the building so please leave them at home.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the restrictions, let me tell you what exciting things await you when you visit! Inside the Capitol Building, there are audio and visual aids available so that guests can learn more about the history of Alaska while they explore. There’s even a café where you can grab a snack after exploring all day long!

So if you’re ready to experience the beauty and grandeur of Alaska’s government center, then make sure to stop by the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau sometime soon!

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