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Accessibility Information

Under Federal law and due to special marine safety construction guidelines, USCG-regulated small vessels are not subject to land-based architectural configuration requirements. We do our best to accommodate passengers with limited mobility consistent with our vessel and transportation capabilities, staffing and the docking space which is publicly owned and controlled. Motorized scooters cannot be accommodated on this tour; passengers who are confined to an electric wheelchair may book select tours with 5 days’ notice. Guests who are able to transfer may use the company’s manual wheelchair or scooter, based on availability, for transfer between the bus and boat but must be able to take up to 3-4 steps up and down when boarding the bus, and 10-20 steps from the dock to their seat on the boat. Guests are also welcome to bring their own manual wheelchair provided they are traveling with adequate assistance. Dolphin Jet Boat Tours continually monitors factors that affect the tour like weather and tidal changes, and reserves the right to adjust the tour departure time in order to ensure safety.

Accessibility Information
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